Results 2020 CFC Club Rally


2020 CFC Club Rally

1 February 2020

          The morning started out kind of cool and a little damp.  We had a couple showers on our way over to the Lake County Training Facility.  However, when we got there at 7:40 am, the gate was open – yea!  We got inside and unloaded.  Gene then arrived with his truck full of cones.  I had him drive me around as I distributed them throughout the course.  During this time several other cars showed up including the Stewarts with Gene’s old “Geezer” and the food for lunch.  The rain slackened up with a couple of light showers before noon.  Around 10:45 George led the way around the “test and tune” course and most of the drivers got used to their cars on a wet surface.  Around 11:30 we had lunch followed by a couple of drive throughs so everyone could determine the layout of the course.  By then the rain stopped and we began the timed runs.  We had a total of 14 drivers, so we spilt the field into 2 heats. All drivers got 4 runs: no one had a DNF: only 2 cones were knocked over out of the 56 total runs made: and most all had their best time on their 4th run  – congratulations drivers!  We had several new drivers who are now addicted to auto-crossing – several wanted to know when the next one will be.  Our Fastest Time of the Day (FTD) was Chris Juron with his well prepared 2016 Mustang GT – great drive Chris!  The FTD in the Club Car was George Jones. 

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**********************************A Welcome From Our President********************************

Welcome to the Central Florida Corvairs (CFC) Club website. The CFC club is a charter member of the national organization, Corvair Society of America, and was founded in 1976.  We currently have around 40 families as members where most have more than one Corvair.  The purpose of the club is to provide mutual enjoyment for the members through the preservation and restoration of the unique Corvair automobile.  

Our club has monthly meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the month where we address the business of the club and establish the yearly calendar of events.  We also have mid-months that allow our members to gather in a social setting to talk about our cars, eat good food, and sometimes challenge the members in car games.  We also have an annual Corvair Affair where we all gather for a weekend of showing our cars, running  a rally, participate in the valve cover races, provide tech sessions, and have great meals, and a 60s sock hop.  We also publish a monthly newsletter titled the Temp Press.  Our members feel like the CFC Club is an extension of family.  So come join us for fun and fellowship centering around our Corvairs.

Eddie Meadows

President, CFC Club******************A Welcome From Our President**************

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Dedicated Central Florida Corvair Members

Dedicated Central Florida Corvair Members


Our club is united by our love for Corvair cars, and we're happy to show off our favorites!

Dedicated Central Florida Corvair Members

Dedicated Central Florida Corvair Members

Dedicated Central Florida Corvair Members


The CFC meets the third Tuesday of each month. 

*David Maus Chevrolet in Sanford Fl.


*Golden Coral in Orlando

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2019 Club Christmas Party


The Prez Says;

Boy this was one for the record books. Forty–eight of our members attended the club Christmas party at the Wright’s estate on 15 December 2019. As always Norm and Linda had their house decorated very beautifully with that amazing huge tree in the family room. By the time Ardis and I arrived, there were people everywhere and the aroma of a variety of great food fill the house. Everywhere we looked people were engaged in conversations as we all got caught up with the goings on of our fellow members. Several of you also took the opportunity to explore the outdoors where the Wright’s have a walkway down to the lake – it is truly beautiful there. As in the past, Linda had prepared the ham and salmon while members brought plenty of salads, side dishes, and desserts. Around 1:20 the ladies declared everything was ready. After a short prayer where we all held hands and gave thanks for our friendships and blessings, we had a great Christmas dinner. There was way too much to eat and all very delicious! There was an abundance of desserts that too were delightful. Most of us ate too much but greatly enjoyed it all. After everyone had finished, we had a short club meeting. Several new members were introduced and then the club’s slate of officers was presented and accepted. After the meeting we had our Crazy Santa gift exchange. There was a variety of unique gifts and the highly sought after alcohol.  After many entertaining moments of selecting and stealing gifts, it finished with most everyone going home with something they wanted.  

It was good to see so many people, some of which I haven’t seen since the last club Christmas party. A great big thanks to Norm and Linda for once again opening up their house to us. They are both so gracious people and seem to enjoy having us all there; we do so appreciate you guys. Also thanks to the “girls” and George (I don’t dare name them because I might leave someone out, but we all know who you are!) who jump in and helped get everything ready and cleaned up afterwards. I love this time of the year and our club Christmas party is one of my highlights of the season. We are very fortunate to have such a unique car club where people get along and enjoy each other’s company. So enjoy the rest of the Christmas season. I hope many of you get to spend it with family and loved ones. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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