Past Central Florida Corvair Events of 2018

2018 Events

CFC 2018 Corvair Affair

7-9 September2018-Oceanside Inn, Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, USA

          Thanks goodness the weather gods were very good to us!  The predictions were for heavy rain in the afternoons both days but it was sunny all weekend. Also, the ocean looks especially stunning this time of year.  The ladies set up the big meeting room Friday afternoon for the door prizes and  welcome dinner while the guys got the covered parking lot spaces marked off for the car show.  The rally course was run one last time to be sure everything was OK.   As more cars arrived, they were directed to their designated class parking space.  Later that day the ladies prepared the oriental style food and sides for the welcoming dinner.  After a few opening remarks, we all enjoyed the variety of the unique foods provided – once again they did an outstanding job!  Gene Barr then set up the valve cover track.  There were a variety of decorations on the valve covers and the races became very competitive as we got closer to the winners.  Anaja Oaks was the overall winner. Once again Gene provided some very nice trophies to the winners and also awarded trophies for style and quality.  The results are below:

1st – Anaja Oak, 2nd – Mike Garoust, 3rd – Linda Wright, Style – Anaja Oak, Quality – Jeft Kent  

          Saturday morning was a beautiful morning with an outstanding sunrise over the ocean.  We had 15 cars being shown representing all classes except station wagon (I guess I need to get mine restored soon).  I am forever amazed how extremely nice the restoration of our unique cars and becoming, they all looked great.  The following were the winners:

Early Closed –  Don Campbell, Early Open – Rick Williams, Late Closed – 1st-Mike Garoust, 2n -Larry Mills, 3rd-Bob Zanella, Late Open – 1st-Woody Woodfin, 2nd -Eddie Meadows, 3rd-Buddy Mangold, Early 4dr – Paul Hannan, Late 4dr – Jerry McKenie, FC – 1st-Titus Stewart, 2nd-Bruce Latulip, 3rd-Norm Wright, Specialty – Tie between Jeff Kent Sprint and Eddie’s buggy, Best of Show – Titus Stewart’s Greenbrier

          In the afternoon we had 11 cars run the rally through some of the prettiest countryside in and around Volusia County.  Some of the homes along the inlet waterway, especially the Rockefeller estate, were magnificent.  The rally instructions were set up with the normal rally nomenclature on the left side of the page but also had what streets were to be followed on the right side so anyone could follow it.  The overall course was fairly short, around 32 miles, and mostly along the waterway.  Also, the course took the cars over 7 bridges along the way providing some really beautiful views of the water and boats.  Only 2 people got the checkpoint question about where the word “Corvair” came from correctly; it is a combination of the Chevy Corvette and the Belair.  The winner of the 2 car team was Bruce and Jeanette Latulip who got all of the question right and knew the number of bridges crossed; the trio of Titus, Allison, and Victoria Stewart won the 3 car team and also got all of the questions right.

          After the rally we had a real treat with Grant Young, “the Carb Miester”, providing a very informative technical session on the Corvair carburetors.  He showed us 16 areas where they can leak and cause problems.  He gave everyone a handout and demonstrated where these problems occur and what can be done to fix them.  He did say that some carb bodies are too bad to fix and should be thrown away.  Afterwards, he talked about his experience with getting prostate cancer, what they did to him, and what options are available.  He emphasized that all men over 50 should have the PSA screening done every year.  Eddie mentioned that his was checked at age 50 when he had his annual physical for his racing license.  It was elevated so a biopsy was performed and cancer was found.  Lucky for him it was detected early, the cancer was all contained in the prostate, and removing it removed all the cancer.  So be sure this is part of your yearly physical!

          In the evening we had Sonny’s cater our meal with deserts provided by the CFC club members.  They provided pork and chicken with several sides, bread, salad, and drinks.  Once we all were fed, the awards were presented to all of the winners.

          That evening “our band” played all of our favorite songs (my grandkids were there so I danced with them much of the night).  After the band’s break, those who that stayed really got into the tunes as they sang along, danced, and or just enjoyed the music.  One of the things I really enjoy about them is how much fun they seem to have playing together.  They played several more tunes past when they were supposed to finish, a few slow ones where most everyone danced.  It was a great evening. 

          Because we only rented the big room for 2 nights, we had to clean up before we could go to bed.  But with almost everyone helping we were done in about 30 minutes.

          I got several comments about how good the weekend was.  Everyone that came seemed to have a good time by either participating in one or more of the events or just enjoying everyone’s company.  We ending up with 35 registrations and 60+ people attending. From my point of view, I think it was one of our best.  I want to thank all who helped and also the ones who attended.  We will let everyone know about Corvair Affair 2019 as soon as details are complete. 

Eddie  Meadows-President


CFC Past Event- "Halloween at Woody's"

    Members of the Central Florida Corvair Club met at Woody Woodfin’s home in Lake City Florida on Friday the 26th, in Lake City Florida. Member chat, and dinner at “Phish Tails” in Lake City that evening. Saturday the 27th, we all gathered for the Rally, 64 miles through the beautiful Florida countryside, a break for lunch at “Simmer Down” in Lake Butler Florida. Late afternoon all went to the hotels, and got into our costumes, and at 6pm back at Woody’s for dinner and Fun. The Rally winner was announced, Linda Wright, Delinda Jones and Judy Aerosmith. The Best Lady Halloween costume was was Jean Norton, as Olive Oyl, the best Male Halloween costume was Paul Hannan as a Lady!

The Dinner hosted by the ladies, was just excellent, and the bunch of CFC members crashed around 9:30 pm.

Sunday morning all gathered back at Woody’s home for coffee, breakfast and great weekend chat, before the long drive home for most of us.


Mt. Dora Classic Car Show 10 November 2018

   After some initial showers, it turned out to be a great day in Mt. Dora. This is the second year the CFC Club participated in the Classic Car Show and then had our monthly meeting in the church’s kitchen/dining hall afterwards. It was a beautiful day weather wise and it was great to see several Corvair people that we had not seen for awhile. I truly enjoy our Corvair family and the many good times we have had with them. There were 13 Corvairs there with one driving over 200 miles to get there. The quality of the cars again was outstanding. We had 5 FC - 3 Greenbriers and 2 Rampsides. The Policellas brought their Greenbrier camper that was quite a hit – It won 2nd place from the classic car show judges and a distance award. Jeff Scott took best Corvair from the classic car show judges while the McKenzies took the 3rd place from those judges. 

At the conclusion of the show, we gathered in the church’s kitchen/dining hall for our CFC Club monthly meeting. Because of some relatively new faces, we went around the room and introduced ourselves. After the meeting, we had some great food that Linda had assembled plus desserts provided by several families. All were delicious! After dinner Larry presented the trophies of the people’s choice balloting. The winners were as follows: 

Early Open  Gene Barr

Late Open Larry Mills

Late Closed Charles Hoppe

4 door Paul Hannan

Forward Control John Policella

Speciality Eddie Meadows

Best of Show John Policella

One interesting item, we had 8 different cars get votes for Best of Show. Just goes to show how great these Corvairs really were. Each winner gave a little history about their winning Corvair. The plaques were very nice with pictures of the cars at the top of the plaque and their respective classes inscribed at the bottom. Afterwards, everyone said their goodbyes a began their trips back home. If you missed it, you missed an outstanding day in Mt Dora!



December 9, 2018 - Christmas at Wrights Home in DeLand Florida

     The Central Florida Corvair (CFC) Club ended the year as always with our annual Christmas Party at Wright’s house.  The Norm and Linda live at the end of a dead end street near a lake.  Both their house and the setting is picture postcard perfect.  Every year they put up a huge 14’ Christmas tree that is always beautiful.  Over 40 of us gathered there last Sunday to celebrate the holidays with food, fun, and fellowship.  Linda did her usual great self in the preparation of the ham and salmon.  She also had other side dishes, salads, and hot rolls.  All in attendance also brought side dishes and desserts.  A little after 1:00 pm, we formed a circle, had a short prayer, and then formed a line to gather our food and eat.  The selections were too many and too great to fit on one plate, all was delicious, and of course we ate too much.  Once everyone was finished eating, we had a short meeting where we were presented with the slate of CFC Club officers for 2019.  Then we had our “Crazy” Santa gift exchange.  There was much trading of gifts; and for the most part, all getting just what they wanted.  As good as the food was, the highlight of the day was the great fellowship shared with what has for many of us become an extended family.  If you missed it this year, be sure you plan to join us next year.  May all of you have extended health and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!